Wednesday, December 23, 2015


Disneyland Fall Break Trip
60th Anniversary!

Singing helps long car rides go by faster :)

A warm welcome from Minnie

Goofy's Kitchen

Wearing everyone's "Goofy's Kitchen" pin...

Asa's favorite ride: Space Mountain

First time seeing Cruella Deville

Petting Zoo

Trying to get chosen to be a jedi..


California Adventure

City Pass tickets also brought us to.. SEA WORLD

Kid's Dance Party

Stingray Petting & Feeding

The kids don't walk anywhere... this is pretty much how they travelled around the entire trip..

The City Pass also took us to.. UNIVERSAL STUDIOS

spent time with the uncles!

and got spoiled :)

And our hotel was next to an outlet mall with a fun zone.
We did laser tag, abby did indoor obstacles, and Asa did bull-riding!

We also found a big D&B's :)



Trunk O Treat

The kids used a dinosaur stencil & carved the pumpkin by themselves :)

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