Sunday, December 7, 2014

December 2014

Christmas Lane (Kaneohe walk through)

Exodus & Ethan (preschool & church pals)

Kaimuki Christmas Parade
Didn't realize they don't throw candy @ the end anymore

Christmas Tree decorating with Uncle Peter

November 2015

Birthday! Turning 6 years old...

Kid's Birthday/Parent's Anniversay at the Hilton
Thanksgiving Weekend Staycation

Walking through Waikiki

We forgot cash otherwise we really wanted pictures of the silver men etc.

Magic of Polynesia.  Look at that face :)

October 2014

Fall Break! Annual Cali trip
Universal Studios & Disneyland

...with Aunty Tasha, Uncle Ritchie, & the Christensens


Pumpkin carving.  He designed it himself :)

And costume. 
(He looked in the mirror and scared himself)

August & September 2014

New beginnings:

Asa started kindergarten!!

Quiksilver backpack & shrinky dink name tag he made himself..
Mrs. Ikenaga's s class at Manoa

Started a new season with a new team, the Manoa Astros! 
Coach pitch & the kids call their own plays.

He started KAC basketball, first season ever.
He can shoot pretty good having a net at home but is working on being fast since he's small.
Go Knicks!

It's his first time also starting HYSA soccer with Riggers.

Nerf gun war with friends :)

And... ??