Monday, December 17, 2012


Learning to surf!

1) balancing as daddy pushes the board...

2) hopping off & turning the board around...

3) paddling back out to daddy...

Halloween: Asa as Samurai Power Rangers
(so many versions now)

Thought this was funny.
At school he has a "divers" license

Having fun making garlic bread from scratch!

Happy Birthday Abby & Asa!

1st season of soccer with i9sports
(they spelt his name wrong)

First day in the pollywog class @ the Nu'uanu YMCA

Sears Photos:

Snow Day @ the Preschool

Tuesday, October 9, 2012



Annual Disneyland Vacation (Fall Break)

Sheraton Anaheim Hotel

Goofy's Kitchen

Asa had staring problems with the princesses!
Lots of side eyes... hmm!!

Disneyland & California Pictures...

Saturday, June 16, 2012

March & April

 Asa's coloring before preschool

 Asa's coloring after preschool

 HUGE egg hunt at BayView

Thursday, March 8, 2012

January & February

Asa dancing at church

morning hair

This was one of Asa's first friends, Jin.
Sadly, he moved to Japan :(

Dressed up being silly

In line at movie night

Aunty Nalani gave him the greatest hat

He loves this song!

He is a monkey & he loves monkeys.
He really loves bananas too

Eliana, Asa, & Abby

Eliana, Asa, Abby, & Ailee
Ailee REALLY loved Asa. I should have videotaped their interaction.

Palolo playground... fun slide!

Asa in his spiderman PJ's
(they're a little tight)

Having fun at Exodus's birthday party

caught ear-pinching!
such a strange habit!

Xbox Kinect!!