Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Asa's vocab at 18 months
what he can say and recognize on his own with understanding:
malk = milk
bir = bird
Iwan.. = I want
peez = please
doe = door
dog = dog
abby = abby
mommy = mommy
daddy = daddy
jooze = juice
no = no
yuh = yes
dora = dora
look = look
lie dun = sit down
boon = balloon
nana = banana
waer = water
i ceam = ice cream
oh no = oh no
yay = yay
  • still nicknamed bambam for his extreme roughness
  • jumps and lands on his butt laughing on the ground and loves jumping on the bed landing on pillows on his face
  • has a runny nose every two weeks or so...
  • LOVES slippers over crocs or shoes
  • responds when asked to throw things away, closes the door when he sees it open, says uhoh mommy when spills something and will come to get me...
  • LOVES music and dance like Abby
  • LOVES playing with balls, rolling, throwing, but still working on catching a lot...