Friday, January 16, 2009

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

family photo outakes

a lot happens in a month.. in baby time...

one month old: I went from 7 lbs to 10 lbs!
I also grew from 21" to 21 1/4"!
my face has cleared up.
i am sporadically being caught "smiling."
i filled out and no longer have "loose" skin.
i can lift my head easily, but going down is rough... (i have smashed my face on occasion)
i can focus a little better when i look around. the dr says i can see a ft away in black & white..anything else is blurry.
i have endured a cold (post-nasal drip).
fyi to other moms: the dr says too young to prescribe medication, coughing triggers gagging reflex, choking sounds are normal (geez). sit upright or give tummy time to let the phlem get out. nasal sprays can also help. do this before they eat. if fever hits, ..then be worried.

my presents were like presents to mom and dad.

my very first chrismas! (2008)