Monday, July 6, 2015

July 2015

Chevy Youth Baseball Clinic

Retired Major League Players Teaching Baseball to Kids

Summer VBS @ the Beach

Happy Birthday, Paige!

Disneyland... again!
Happy birthday, Daddy!

Kids scored a free oreo shake for helping a waitress who dropped a bucket of forks.

Asa's favorite ride: Space Mountain!

We normally stay at the Sheraton, and we love it.  Since they were taken over by another company, we went with the Double Tree Hilton.  At first we thought it was too big and too fancy, but they have excellent service!  We had to wait a little bit getting our room.  We got complimentary cookies.  I think they were the best cookies I ever tasted, literally!  We were given free wifi for a 24 hour period (usually $10 a day), and our $15 per night parking fee went down to $7.  Even when the shuttle was in traffic and late to pick us back up at Disney, they told us to take a cab and they covered our fare!

Fourth of July show at the castle!  An extra 8 minutes of fireworks to honor America and it's soldiers.

The kids love using their autograph books around Disney & at the character meals.
Kids learned that they can only ask yes or no answers to get a response.  Super fun to meet up with Mom & Jemi in Disney, too!

At the Royal Theatre in Disneyland, "Frozen" (comedy style)  Very entertaining.

 Our horsehide was pretty adventurous.  It was a nice calm ride until he started running.  The horse's name is Robert.  We were told he always does that when the band starts playing because he doesn't like

My kids have so much energy.  They couldn't just walk through Disneyland.  Abby was ALWAYS dancing.  Asa would skip or do his karaokes (baseball drills), even through crowds.  He even threw air baseballs in line and would swing his toys like a bat.  Baseball is ingrained in his muscle memory.

Here are some things they did while waiting in lines.  Abby decorated statues with her Minnie ears and Asa would play with them.

We also said no technology in lines so we had to make up challenges or play games for the kids.  Here is Asa trying to learn to lift one eyebrow :)

Antman is the new movie coming out.  We got a sneak preview in 3D.

Big hulk, little hulk?  Same face at least.  Pretty impressed with the way Asa can follow lego directions and put together different planes, dragons, etc.

Fancy dinner at Blue Bayou.  $61 per adult.  $35 for kids?
But GREAT FOOD.  3 course meal.  Also comes with fast passes and seat cushions to sit on for the Fantasmik show.  Well worth the price :)

This is what the kids looked like on the shuttle rides back to the hotel... except when one driver in particular would show card tricks, they were awake!

June 2015

Asa is a cuddler.  Look at the things Asa does when Daddy is sleeping...haha.

KAC Basketball: Team Celtics

The Hironaka kids love summer, especially this summer because they can hang out with Aunty Kimi a ton!

April & May 2015

Happy Easter! @ Kahala Mall
The bunny is 2xs Asa's size

Dying & decorating eggs

Just learned how to play "Guess Who?"

Getting acquainted with nature's creatures during baseball practice... 

Sleepover with buddy Chase :)

Mother's Day Fun @ Windward Mall
Hali Hali Rides

Annual Mother's Day Dinner made by kids
Spaghetti Bar: Choose your own sauce & toppings :)

End of Spring Manoa Baseball Picnic