Friday, August 8, 2014

Closing 2013 & Moving in 2014


Paige's Birthday Party
Making & Eating Olaf :)

The Washington's house is a fun house!
We should pay them an entrance fee

KAC Basketball (1st season)

Pirate Ship Adventures... so entertaining!

Asa had a great time with his sis & his boys:  Ethan, Zeke, & Kolten

Ft Shafter Bowling

Blessed to be a part of the beautiful Au wedding @ Kahala

Wacky Wednesday UH Wahine Soccer Camp



First Day of Summer School @ Manoa
feeling like a big boy :)

Changing like a surfer...

Swim lessons at Nuuanu YMCA
He can do freestyle laps!!
(He's the little one on the right)

Surf Clinic with Cousin



Mother's Day Dinner
Home-Cooked Feast by the Family

After 3 years at HCC...
 ...finally a graduate :)


Sadly leaving Manoa Nationals after 3 years...
Coach is moving up with his son.

Moving this summer to Astros...

"My Gym" birthday party w/ the Odo Family :)



Manoa Baseball
Getting better & braver at catching balls as he gets older...

In baseball we have to remind him to focus and play hard.
In soccer we have to tell him to share the goals with other kids :)
(He's wearing the yellow jersey & red socks)

Besides sports, Asa's also very into pokemon cards & beyblades.
He even naps with his beyblades...

First time @ Ice Palace
  running on ice is more fun than skating on ice


MARCH... Spring Break!!

Refresh Kids: Boxcar Building!

First trip for kids to North Shore

Giovani Shrimp Truck

 Chasing Chickens

I told him to stop floating on his face b/c it scares the ppl who don't know him,
so he rolls back and forth in the waves instead :)

...and many other beach days in town, too!

Hanging out the Girl's House 
Playing a serious game of "Go Fish"



Kendama fad: YMCA tournament
Asa was very proud of himself!

Punahou Carnival
Old enough to ride by themselves...

Asthma scare... thank God he's ok :)


JANUARY... 2014?!

Dancing in the New Year

Refresh Kids Hip Hop Class

Pampered Chef: Homemade Sweet Potato Chips


Closing out 2013

Mom & Dad's anniversary celebration and
Abby & Asa's christmas adventure @ AULANI!!

necklace souveniers

Christmas tree photo: I told them to smile.
Result: Silly poses :)

The benefits of Aulani vs Disneyland is more individualized attention

Asa sings along with Angela Morales (Na Leo)



Birthday Month for Abby & Asa

Many cool gifts.  They are looking like cool kids!
Thank you aunties, uncles, & friends :)

Bumblebee & bumblebee 

Asa intrigued by the gorilla man

He's trying to be scary but he looks so cute

Trunk O Treat at AOP

Fall Fair at Honolulu Christian Preschool